Good internet while working from home

While most of us are still working from home it has become very clear that a stable internet connection is vital to performing your job in a good way. Providers in the Netherlands tend to give out modems/routers/accesspoints which are not so stable. Certainly not when you have 3 kids streaming Netflix at the same time while you are trying to do some work. The routers in the default devices from your provider might not be able to handle all the traffic because of a variety of issues, but almost all “default ISP devices” have some form of problems when the load rises.
In this blog i would like to show what network set-up i have at home and i can safely say : It’s super stable, also when we are both working from home fulltime.

If you need any help with getting a more stable internet connection at your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


Ubiquiti is a brand that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Their vision is to put enterprise-grade network gear on the market for a not-so enterprise price.
They have everything that you need to build a super fast, stable network. Access points, routers and switches. If you want more fancy stuff, they also have very nice PTP Wireless Beam solutions (if you want to connect a far away neighbor to your network for example).

My setup

My network consists of 2 5GHz access points, 1 router and firewall, and 4 switches to connect everything.
Of course i have everything splitted across VLAN’s and different subnets to make sure traffic is separated where needed.

The wireless(and wired of course) speed is great and very consistent:

If you walk across the house (2 floors) it will automatically switch clients to the best access-point based on where you are in the building by using Fast Roaming (802.1r).
This setup is handling our load with ease, we have at least 35 devices connected on a daily basis.

If you also want to get started with a new network based on Unifi gear, check out the shopping list i made on
If you want custom tailored advise on your house network or need support with the setup. Please contact me by leaving a comment below, use the contact form or reach me at info @!

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